riding motorcycles through winterriding motorcycles through winter

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riding motorcycles through winter

Riding your motorcycle doesn't have to come to a stop because winter has set in. If you prepare yourself for the ride, learn a few safety tips and use your head, your riding can extend well into the winter. My blog contains all sorts of information about cold weather motorcycle riding. You will learn what gear you should have, what you should think about before heading out for a ride and when to never take your bike out during this seemingly long season. Hopefully, what I have provided here will help you find everything you need to enjoy your rides.

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4 Questions To Ask Before Buying An ATV

Thinking about buying an ATV? If so, then you'll first want to make sure you're confident in your ability to operate one of these vehicles safely. From there, you'll also want to be sure you understand the cost and time commitment that go into maintaining an ATV. If you're comfortable with these aspects of ATV ownership, there are a few more questions you'll want to ask yourself before you move forward with your purchase.

How Will I Use My ATV?

ATVs can vary greatly in their design and function, so you'll want to consider how you'll primarily be using yours, as this will help narrow down your make and model options. For example, will you be mostly using your ATV to carry cargo or will you be using it primarily for fun? If you'll be using it for hauling cargo, then you may need an ATV with more cargo space and load capacity. On the other hand, if the ATV will be used for recreational purposes, then you'll need to find one with more passenger space and safety features.

Do I Want to Buy New or Used?

Having an idea of your budget will help you determine whether you should buy a new or used ATV. Buying used can obviously save you money, but you'll want to make sure to thoroughly test drive and inspect a used ATV before committing (regardless of whether you're buying from a dealership or private seller). If it's in your budget, you can buy a new ATV that may come with a manufacturer warranty on major parts to give you added peace of mind.

Do I Need Financing?

If you need to finance some or all of your ATV purchase, you have options. Many banks and credit unions offer loans for recreational vehicles (including ATVs), and some ATV dealerships offer their own financing or will approve you for a loan through the manufacturer. As with any type of vehicle loan, just be sure that you understand the terms and are comfortable with the interest rate before moving forward.

Am I Covered?

ATVs are safe when operated responsibly, but accidents can happen. Make sure you're prepared to purchase additional insurance coverage so that you and your loved ones will be protected in the event of an accident. You can often find ATV insurance coverage through your current auto insurance carrier, but there are private insurance companies that specialize in recreational vehicle coverage as well.

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