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riding motorcycles through winter

Riding your motorcycle doesn't have to come to a stop because winter has set in. If you prepare yourself for the ride, learn a few safety tips and use your head, your riding can extend well into the winter. My blog contains all sorts of information about cold weather motorcycle riding. You will learn what gear you should have, what you should think about before heading out for a ride and when to never take your bike out during this seemingly long season. Hopefully, what I have provided here will help you find everything you need to enjoy your rides.

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Do You Want To See Texas On Your Motorcycle?

Have you ever been to Texas before? If so, you were probably captivated with the diversity of that incredible state. If you've never been to Texas before, prepare to be smitten by the beautiful sights and the friendly people you'll encounter along the way. Maybe you've been to the Lone Star State in a car, but this time you're going to be part of a motorcycle tour. Seeing Texas on your motorcycle will surely be a never-to-be-forgotten experience. From the feeling of Mexico in El Paso to the sense of Louisiana in Port Arthur, here are some things you might experience on a motorcycle tour of Texas.

Pay Attention to Detail - Before you even go on your trip, talk to the representative of your motorcycle tour service. Get exact dates of your departure and your return, find out which cities and towns you'll be seeing, find out where you'll take your motorcycle in the event of mechanical problems, find out about insurance you might need, and find out where you'll be staying at night. Plan what you'll take with you, too. 

For example, the tour service will plan stops for meals, but you may need to bring your own snacks with you. And, be sure to bring more than one pair of comfortable shoes or motorcycle boots. Even though you may be touring Texas during the hot summer months, bring a light jacket in case it gets chilly in the morning or in the late evenings.

What You'll See - Where are you starting your motorcycle trip throughout Texas? If you start on one side of the state, you'll more than likely start in El Paso. While you're there, you'll probably take a side trip to see White Sands, a dessert that looks like it's covered in snow. In San Antonio, Texas you will see historic sites like The Alamo and other missions. Moving east, you'll more than likely end up in Port Arthur, Texas, a town you may never have heard of before. If you do go to Port Arthur, or even to Beaumont, you might feel like you have left Texas and ended up in Louisiana. For example, if you order Chile Con Carne while you're in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area, don't be surprised if it's served on white rice.

As you go through little Texas towns to big cities, consider keeping a journal of the things you see. After all, the state is so big that you'll be seeing a lot of the country. You won't want to forget a single part about your trip, and as you read your journal in years to come, it will bring to mind the wonderful adventure you had while being part of a motorcycle tours group in Texas.